Speaker Pack


Tatham Oddie


Tay·tham (rhymes with Nathan)

Odd·ee (like Bill Oddie)

Tatham in a 52-word business nutshell

Tatham has spent 15 years helping organisations turn technology into purposeful outcomes. His experience ranges from small business to large banks, social welfare programs to defence security, and software developer to CEO. At Telstra Purple, Tatham leads an organisation on the forefront of technology innovation, creating a brilliant connected future for everyone to thrive.

https://tath.am or @tathamoddie

Tatham in an 60-word technical nutshell

Tatham's technical focus lies around harnessing the heterogeneous environment of networks, devices and software clients we like to call "the web" for both fun and profit. He speaks regularly about his experiences and discoveries at conferences and events throughout Australia, North America, and Europe. At Telstra Purple, Tatham uses this love of technology to help our customers experience transformative innovation.

https://tath.am or @tathamoddie


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