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Tatham Oddie


Tay·tham (rhymes with Nathan)

Odd·ee (like Bill Oddie)

Tatham in a 110-word business nutshell

At Telstra, Tatham leads teams to a multiplier effect: transforming our Telstra Enterprise organisation, to help our customers transform theirs. Prior to this, he was a key leader in the establishment and launch of Telstra Purple: people who bring purpose to technology. This is a diverse, 2000-strong team of digital experts, from the heritage of nine acquisitions.

He balances business breadth, having been a mid-size CEO, with technology depth, having started out as a software developer. From consulting history, Tatham brings multi-industry experience to every challenge, having worked across banking, social services, logistics, airlines, retail, and now telecommunications in the 2020s.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his husband Matt.

https://tath.am or @tathamoddie

Tatham in an 73-word technical nutshell

Tatham combines an ongoing love of technology, with the appreciation of it needing a purpose. Sometimes. Other times, it’s just good fun, and that’s ok too. You’ll find him tinkering with embedded systems, industrial automation, time-series and graph-based databases, and a healthy dash of cloud connectivity. And that's just the story of his doorbell. At Telstra, Tatham combines this love of technology with strong business experience to help our customers experience transformative innovation.

https://tath.am or @tathamoddie


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